Glass fibre concrete reinforcement

A mortar and concrete reinforcing system that presents great advantages when compared to metal reinforcements.

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    TECNICRET concrete reinforcement

    TECNOCRET fibres constitute an effective alternative to electro-welded metallic mesh. The apparition of fissures is significantly reduced, as much those due to retraction in plastic, as those due to dynamic and static loads, stress due to impact and wear caused by tension.

    Thanks to their density, close to that of concrete, they do not float, but rather are dispersed homogenously inside the concrete mass, nor do they surface, hereby allowing for uniform finishes.

    Advantages versus metallic reinforcement

    Test graphs of interest

    Fibres for high dosage

    Should you need to reinforce your concrete or mortars with high dosages, we dispose of special fibres allowing to reach concentrations of 15 Kgs/m3

    Additional technical information